The departure from reason.

The departure from reason.

We have three children, the oldest of whom are entering second and fifth grades. Last week, they were told they would only have to wear a mask into and out of the building, but not sit all day with it on because they would be “distanced” from one another.

Fine. We weren’t thrilled with it, but we were willing to play along to get back to a normal school routine.

A few days later, the governor of the State of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, ordered an unenforceable statewide mask mandate. It is unenforceable because he lacks the power in his office to place criminal penalties on non-compliance with his executive orders. So, nothing has changed, except that it brought newfound perceived authority to the education bureaucrats, who quickly moved to force our children to wear masks in school.

Except for one glaring descrepancy.

Our second grader is not required to wear a mask all day, but our fifth grader is. And they’re in the same school building. And they’re in the same hallways. And apparently it’s safer to be in second grade than it is to be in fifth.

Because that makes a lot of sense.


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