Podcast: “The Death of Gail Ann Vroman.”

Podcast: “The Death of Gail Ann Vroman.”

“In June of 1978, the first abortion clinic opened for business in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On Saturday, July 14, 1979, one year and more than 1300 abortions later, 20 year-old Gail Ann Vroman was brought to the clinic by her boyfriend to have an abortion. Within a few hours of the procedure, Gail began to have serious complications and was advised to go to the hospital immediately. Her boyfriend drove her to Lutheran Hospital, where she was quickly admitted. On Wednesday, July 18, 1979, Gail Ann Vroman died in the hospital from the complications of her abortion procedure, a fatal infection of Clostridia Perfringens, also known as Gas Gangrene.

She died just 4 days after her baby. Both were victims of the abortionist. Nobody went to jail or even faced charges.” – excerpt from Chapter 4 of the upcoming book “Inwood Drive”

Today we tackle a heartbreaking tale that happens all too often when it comes to abortion providers and the facilities they operate.

Just last week the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law in a 5-4 vote, requiring abortion doctors have hospital admitting privileges.

During the research for our documentary film “Inwood Drive”, we found heartbreaking stories of women who had been permanently injured or even paid the ultimate price of losing their lives at the hands of the abortionist. Inwood Drive’s focus is the community’s actions to protect women through legislation, specifically, admitting privileges. We dive in to one of those stories from the companion book to the film, “Inwood Drive”. Listen in as we discuss Chapter 4: The Death of Gail Ann Vroman

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