“The questions renewed Crom’s misgivings and confusion. The concept of the Users struck him as so basic, so intrinsic to all programs, that it should be pointless to ask. Then he realized that the question could have a very different answer here in the Training Complex.

But he replied, ‘Sure. If I don’t have a User, then – then, who wrote me?”

– “Tron” (1982)


I’m always hesitant to postulate what a writer or director may have intended as a meaning behind certain dialogue or scenes. However, I find that more often than not we can see the deeper questions of human existence being asked and answered in films – many times probably without conscious thought by those posing them.

“Tron” is science fiction, but the entire storyline is quite a fascinating picture of the creatures of the creation (the programs in the computer world) questioning their very existence by asking the obvious – where did I come from?

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