“Inwood Drive” on Glenn Beck

“Inwood Drive” on Glenn Beck

To say the past few months have been nuts would the understatement of the century. A more accurate description would be that we’ve seen the Lord’s mighty hand at work in ways we never imagined possible. What started off a little over a year ago as a simple act of faith – stepping out with a firm belief that the Lord had called us to take this step of producing the story of “Inwood Drive” – has now become an internationally-known independent documentary film. The craziest part is that the film isn’t even done yet.

When I got the email from one of Glenn’s producers about interviewing us on the show, I just shook my head in amazement. In the course of just a few short weeks, we had literally gone from having what we thought was a finished film facing an uphill challenge just to be seen to being back in production and talking to Glenn Beck. It all seemed sureal, but we knew that the Lord had orchestrated it all. There is no other explanation. Of that, I am sure.

We showed the completed, original cut of “Inwood Drive” to our supporters on the evening of August 22nd in a private screening. At that point, we were set on our release plan for the film, anticipating a grueling market-to-market battle to gain an audience. We figured we understood where our core audience was, and how to reach them, and it was just going to be a slow process to build the marketing of the film on a city by city basis. In industry speak, it’s called a platform release.

2 weeks later, on September 4, George Klopfer died. As we paused our release plans to decide how to best incorporate that story element into the end of the film, the news hit just one week later that George’s family had discovered his collection of 2,246 medically-preserved babies in his garage. Like the rest of the world, we were stunned.

It was obvious to us that we had to put the film back into production to incorporate this now-unfolding chapter of the story. As we began documenting what had just been discovered, yet another stash of babies’ bodies were found in the trunk of one of Klopfer’s old Mercedes, sitting in an outdoor storage facility that nobody even knew about. The insane train just kept on rolling.

In just a matter of hours from the first discovery, the media inquiries started to come in as people from all over the country started trying to figure out what had motivated George Klopfer to keep the bodies of 2,411 babies in his garage and car trunk. It was at that point that we realized that we were the only people who had ever interviewed the man – and recorded it – and already had it incorporated into a finished feature film about the man. As reporters and writers from other news outlets started to make that same connection, we suddenly found ourselves being inundated with interview requests.

Although we’ve found ourselves busy talking to reporters, the truth is that most of the national mainstream media has made a point to ignore the Klopfer story – and us. In fact, most of the media even in our own home market – the very place where this man operated for 30+ years – has made a point to ignore us. Granted, we’ve not gone looking for any publicity. Absolutely every ounce of coverage of “Inwood Drive” has been organic. More specifically, it has been orchestrated by the Lord. We have yet to even write up a press release.

A few conservative news outlets picked up on it. First, it was the Daily Caller. The next day, we were being talked about on Fox News. A few days after that, we were on The Blaze. Some of the Chicago-area news outlets picked up on it. CBS 2, the Chicago CBS affiliate, sent a reporter down to do a story on us and the film. A newspaper out of Illlinois sent someone over. But, for the most part, the mainstream media outlets have summarily dismissed the story. Then, we heard from Glenn Beck.

I’ve been a Glenn Beck listener for many years. It’s hard to listen to all of his broadcast, of course, as it’s difficult enough to focus on work with a toddler running around. The hours between 9am and noon in our office are prime productivity hours, as it usually coincides with the baby’s morning nap. If I turn Glenn on when I’m busy, I tend to get very little done that I’m supposed to.

But having the chance to talk to Glenn on-air about our interview with George Klopfer, and about “Inwood Drive”, was a rare honor indeed. I had to laugh at his comment about my days of winning awards for films coming to an end with this project. Maybe he’s right, but I really couldn’t care less. I stopped doing this work for the approval of men a long time ago. As Colossians 3:24 says, “..it is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Our Executive Producer owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and it is for his approval that we do our work.

And so, we continue forward to once again conclude the production of “Inwood Drive”. When will the film be done? When those babies come home – and are laid to rest. It is the least that we can do for them.



Sundance Award-winning Producer/Director.

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