Everything is cancelled.

Everything is cancelled.

I’ve moved myself farther and farther away from the world of social media as of late, because I see the disturbing trend that is rapidly gaining momentum. If you talk about things that are not deemed acceptable, you’re suppressed. If you continue to talk about things that are contrary to the established narratives, you’re eventually deleted. The self-appointed guardians of free speech tell you: You have no voice here. We don’t want anyone here who thinks outside our narrow box.

What the behemoths of tech have failed to understand or remember, however, is that the very thing that they once stood for is now the very thing they are denying to those who do not conform to their groupthink views – freedom of thought.

Why do we demand the silencing of those who ask questions? When did it become acceptable to shout down anyone who dares to question the validity of someone’s narrative? Is a question such a dangerous thing? If so, why? Are they so afraid for the fragility of their narratives that they must destroy even the most delicate of inquiries?


But, whether or not I agree with someone has never been my measure of their worth as an individual. I respect everyone’s right to speak their opinions. If they’re worthy, they’ll stand up to scrutiny. If they’re empty, they’ll disintigrate when challenged.

And, I guess that’s the point.


Mark Archer is a Sundance and Cannes award-winning filmmaker, author and speaker. His newest film, “Inwood Drive”, is available onAmazon and at www.InwoodDriveMovie.com.

Sundance Award-winning Producer/Director.

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