Being a Mermaid.

Being a Mermaid.

A friend of mine was having a conversation with his young daughter in the car:


“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Daughter (thinking hard before answering):

“Well…I really want to be a mermaid…but then I won’t have any legs.”

Kids have an amazing talent for unbridled optimism coupled with an unparalleled ability to see the obvious.

I think if we could just stop and think like a little girl who really wants to be a mermaid, it would help us to see the obvious in the sometimes tough decisions we have to make in life and business.

Big dreams are great, but they still need legs.


Mark Archer is a Sundance and Cannes award-winning filmmaker, author and speaker. His newest film, “Inwood Drive”, is available on Amazon and at

Sundance Award-winning Producer/Director.

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