Abusive Truth.

Abusive Truth.

I watched a movie the other day that made allegations of free speech suppression by social media and “big tech” giants at the behest of the pharmaceutical industries. I thought their perspective was interesting, but perhaps overblown. I decided to share it with my social media audience anyways. I’m a proponent for the free flow of ideas and information. It’s free market capitalism for ideas – the best ideas should win out because they have the best argument.

The moment I posted the link to the website that was hosting the film, I was “fact checked” by Facebook’s “fact checkers”, telling me that my link was “abusive”. Abusive? You mean the link is bad? It’s not, I just checked it. I clicked “post it anyways”, and it promptly disappeared.


So, I pose the question, how can a simple link to allow you to watch a film be labeled as false information? How could the “fact checkers” have any knowledge of the content of the film, since it was live-streaming its world premiere at that very moment? Literally no one in the world had seen the film yet, but the social media thought police had obviously already decided that it was to be stopped at all costs.

And then it occurred to me that the allegations made in the film of free speech suppression by social media and “big tech” giants at the behest of the pharmaceutical industries…might just be valid.

Any reference made to the name of the film, the director, or any of its affiliated website links are summarily blocked and deleted by Facebook’s “fact checkers”.

That makes me two things: angry and curious.

It has happened on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn. In other words, they’re all in on it, which is another point the film made that I had a hard time believing.

But, it’s true.

Mark Archer is a Sundance and Cannes award-winning filmmaker, author and speaker. His newest film, “Inwood Drive”, is available on Amazon and at www.InwoodDriveMovie.com.




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