“Real Change” Series – Patrick

Patrick Huth was the first male subject we tackled for the “Real Change” series. Patrick’s story was one of tragedy that began as a teenager. While playing high school football, he had a serious problem with his football coach and quit the team. In his own words, after that episode and decision, he simply quit everything he ever started after that.

Unfortunately, that carried over into his home life, his family and his work. Alcoholism took a stranglehold on his life and eventually drove him to literally living under a bridge. He lost everything he ever cared about – his wife, his son, his home, his job. He found himself with absolutely nothing – and at that moment, he cried out to the Lord for help.

What we have learned in dealing with stories like Patrick’s from The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission is that so many of the individuals that come for help and find that help are still susceptible to falling back into their old lives. Although Patrick had turned his life around and given his heart to Jesus, one night of a lapse in judgement led to his death, just a few months after we had filmed his episode.

I must give special thanks to my actors, Jared Schortgen and Caleb Mitchell. Jared is a phenomenal, up and coming actor. Caleb is a friend of mine who is also a full-time missionary, formerly in Uganda and soon to be in Jamaica. They both did a great job, and were good sports with what little we had to work with.

I still mourn for Patrick. I got to know him better than the women we’ve interviewed for “Real Change”, and he always was more than cordial to me whenever I would see him at the mission. I had continued to pray for him to find a way to sustain himself and be able to live a new life outside the Rescue Mission. Unfortunately, we lost Patrick before we could see him triumph in this life.

I am confident Patrick knew Jesus, and that one day I will see him again.

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