“Real Change” Series – Doug

Doug Holland’s story is just as profound as any other that we’ve told, but it’s Doug’s personality and his genuineness that truly make his “Real Change” episode compelling. Doug reminds me of why I love documentary storytelling so much. When you’ve been through the hell that so many of the “Real Change” subjects have, you don’t know how to be anything other than just yourself. It’s a refreshing change from the phoniness we deal with so often when dealing with “professional actors”.

With Doug’s story, I opted to do away with the re-enactments in favor of just letting Doug be himself. It meant getting up and following Doug around during the last hour of his 3rd shift job just to get footage of him, but that sort of thing has never deterred me. The added challenges of shooting run-n-gun with nothing but existing light is sometimes a cinematography nightmare, but it also makes you appreciate the days when you can spend the time you need lighting things the way you want.

Doug’s episode was premiered at the November 18, 2016 fall banquet for The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, where Doug stole the show away from Steven Curtis Chapman and Darryl Strawberry. I am proud to be able to call Doug Holland my friend, and I’m proud to see him already back out on his own, doing well in his life and work, thanks in large part to the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission.

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