“Real Change” Series – Aimee

The second episode of the “Real Change” series was the story of Aimee Dailey. Aimee had a horrific childhood, dealing with mental, emotional and sexual abuse. This scarring took its toll on her in her adult life, manifesting itself in a series of broken relationships and eventually alcoholism. When she finally came to the Charis House for help, she had lost everything – including her children.

Filming Aimee’s story was a time-intensive process. Even Aimee’s actual interview was over an hour long. The process of cutting that down to 5-6 minutes is a monumental task.  After that, shooting the re-enactments that included her life from childhood through teenage years and on into adulthood – took a carefully selected cast. Fortunately, my wife, Amber, is an amazingly talented actress. Add to that, she is a twin – and her twin sister, Brandy, also has a daughter. If you put Brandy’s daughter Haley with our two daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah – you would swear they are all sisters. This made it easier for me to cast the young, teen and adult versions of Aimee!

The only thing worse than being a director’s daughter is being a director’s niece. This isn’t the first time (probably not the last, either) that I’ve called upon the talents of my whole family to help me complete a story.

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